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OH HEY! First things first, we're streaming live from the studio, today at 3PM EST (3 hours after this announcement is posted) on and - we'll be playing this update and chatting about what's next for Castle Story!

Welcome to today’s changelogs! :D We’re pretty excited about this one because it brings something new to Castle Story that’s been requested quite often; a new biome!

Islands built in the desert biome look completely different from ones in the forest biome you’re used to. Instead of lush greenery, thick grass and comfy looking nooks and crannies, expect sandy dunes, dry shrubbery, cacti and sandstone!

The new Desert Biome is shipping with a new, official map made in the desert, allowing you to dip your Bricktrons’ feet into the sand right away! The map is named Pioneer Pass and it’s an Invasion, Sandbox and Conquest map that supports up to 2 players in multiplayer. It’s symmetrical, which makes it great for 1v1s!

In addition to Pioneer Pass, you can now select the Desert Biome when creating a new map in the world editor, allowing you to map using all the textures, plants and details we used in Pioneer Pass. Can’t wait to see your desert-y maps on the workshop! :D

Anyhoodles, here’s the nitty-gritty changelogs;

  • New desert biome.
  • New map using desert biome: Pioneer Pass.
  • New plants for desert biome.
  • New textures for desert biome.
  • New boulders for desert biome.
  • New trees textures for desert biome.
  • When starting a new map in the world editor, players are given a small chunk of terrain to start off of.
  • Bug fix: The host no longer sees the HP and cooldown bars of wards in the fog of war.
  • Bug fix: Fixed texture on one of the plants’ buttons in the World Editor.

And that’s that! Enjoy and be sure to share your desert maps on the Steam Workshop so we can check them out. :)
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