February Update v0.5.5 is LIVE!

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WolfSabre 31.3.2014 kello 16.29 
Early Access: You get what you're given, and you be grateful for it.
WolfSabre 31.3.2014 kello 16.25 
We pay money for "early access", Profesional. And the completed game, when it is eventually released. How about you stop paying for early access and just buy the game for full price when its at a completed stage. This way you can get what you want (which is a completed game) and save us reading stupid comments from people who really don't know what early access is. You're a consumer not an investor btw.
The Encrypted Afro 30.3.2014 kello 17.30 
Mines working fine "The Professional". I have a feeling you are out of touch with what early access means. If this game is so bad why are you following the updates? Just shelve the game. Early Access is the perfect place for a game that may be lacking full features or has a small team not capable of fully committing the full time toward development as they are probably working a whole other job. Or they have kids and unable to spit out patches like DayZ can.

How about you take a few steps back and use some logic.

What may have been a lie may have been the wrong revision up or the feature was in testing due to it not working as intended.

Or they can release buggy untested features that you will bitch and bark about in the next patch notes.

Is that the trend?

Will we see this wall of text every time you feel your needs were not tended to?

In a year are you going to ride every patch note and give us a tale about how long it took to even come out with this or that fix?
Archer 29.3.2014 kello 21.56 
Guys, just chill out. It's not like these guys have a giant budget to work off of. Not to mention their outside lives. One, they didnt make you buy the game. Two, complaining about it isn't going to make them want to work faster. Just give them time, they will deliver on their promises.
Ilyas 28.3.2014 kello 19.48 
Bring back my money! Game two years alpha version. This game is terrible with optimization!
Smile 28.3.2014 kello 15.12 
i agree with SPooK
SPooKie 28.3.2014 kello 12.26 
continued.. (prebuilt or randomly generated selection to choose from during the start of the match) But these ideas will have to wait for a future update when they will start to matter more. Thank you and keep up the good work. PAINTED
SPooKie 28.3.2014 kello 12.22 
I have a suggestion for the ultimate block for survival mode. Barricade block. this block can only be stacked upon itself. No other blocks can exist adjacent to the Barricade block (BB). A previously built BB can be upgraded with wood to add spikes for piercing damage, with iron for barbed wire to add slicing damage, and finally with oil for flame to add fire damage. Each upgrade eliminates the previous upgrade and upgrading takes more time then just placing a regular block. This will allow the building of safer colonies. Allowing the building of protected trenches for travel, watch towers, mine shafts, workshops, power generators, and garages. Hmm Garages.. .. This brings up the next idea. A sloping ramp block for exiting and entering the garage by jumping the barricade. Oh and I have been coming up with great idea's regarding campaigns and stories plus modes of play to go along with the game. Such as PvP capture the fort.
Dread Raven 26.3.2014 kello 21.09 
Yeah, when I purchased this game a while back, I watched a trailer and thought "awesome, looks rough but interesting" and purchased a copy for a friend and myself. got in, NOTHING in the trailer was implemented into the game. I last played this game march 27th, 2013, and a year later, it looks as though nothing has been done.
Mokapp 25.3.2014 kello 23.54 
At least theyve managed to get the procedural terrain working. Im just glad they work on it at all. WarZ is the perfect example of a game people buyed and got screwed hard over. Admins were banning players FOR KILLING THEM. idk which is worse, a game that has little work done on it but still has updates or a game you lose total access to because the staff working for the studio are a bunch childish morons.

Back on topic though, since I bought this game it has come a long way. Granted itve been nicer o see some more consistant updates but given the scale of the work they put in already id be willing to cut em a break. Minecraft had to start somewhere too but thats purly blocks, this is sort of like Red Faction on an entirely different level with some hints of minecraft in it.

All in all id have to say good job devs and I hope updates come a little bit more rapidly but given the quality of the game thus far, im not going to hold it against you if the updates come a little bit late.