Kinetic Void

Build 0.04 - Deployed

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walhallaman 2013年11月12日 13時05分 
ok i have installed this game and have a problems...when i dock to the station its look like my shipyard [no trades,missions etc...] when i launch my ship is somwer on the space...i dont see station where i was dock:P [i'm sure this is some bug] when i wana se map the map window is sow empty space nothing around[but i'm wery close station or planet]....i tasted game on windows 7 64bit and linux mint15 64bit laptop is toshiba satellite l750-127
Silent Phantasm 2013年11月11日 22時12分 
multiplayer. Maybe team based, create fleets with your steam friends. There's so much that can be done.
jayxgamer 2013年11月10日 10時16分 
One thing i would like to see is Carriers... but I could live without them if that's not possible
ARmodder 2013年11月6日 15時45分 
(sighs) well guess it's back to the drawing board and back to square one oh well had a lot of ships I didn't want/need but now have to go by screen shots for those that I do want to rebuild them from
john.reynolds123 2013年11月4日 13時03分 
I havent played this since it first came out and it almost the same has it was then build ship and then get bored. i`ll come back in a year time hopefully there be some think to do.
Chrono 2013年10月29日 13時31分 
Cool update, but I really hope you guys implement some better gameplay. Right now, it's essentially just a ship creator with some token star systems and npcs. I love building my ships, but I have no real reason to actually fly them.
RC 8015 2013年10月29日 5時45分 
Thank you, LumberingTroll, now I have over three dozen ships and the only thing I can do with them is deleting them. :'( Hope your happy. I like your work and the new build and appreciate your work, I'm just sad about the time i've put into my ships...Let's hope this doesn't happen again
smartbad 2013年10月28日 20時03分 
I played the 0.04 build all night, and even in the current unfinished state, I am having a blast. I can't wait to see what happens with development and I am sincerely looking forward to the full version.
Lomex 2013年10月28日 4時06分 
"Fixed a bug which allowed a galaxy with more factions than sectors to be created."

Seems to me you're missing out on an opportunity to stage a civil war
jimllfixitok 2013年10月27日 15時36分 
getting better and better :)