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Hips 1 MAR 2014 a las 3:05 
are boarding parties in the works? and also more spreadsheets please
Joules Von Loij 23 FEB 2014 a las 9:20 
Almost 200 hours of game play/ship creation and I still want more. The updates are wonderful and I have even enjoyed finding the odd bug or two, as I know they are getting handled swiftly. I look forward to the release that allows trade and refining as well as more comprehensive joy stick controls. Thank you for ALL you hard work. Money well spent!
Bluebird 20 FEB 2014 a las 15:15 
just my two penneth, for a game clearly still in it's infancy I'm rather impressed by what I see so far I LOVE the ship builder, most games don't let you build what you want your way and that is I think the key feature for me. the amount of work that goes into the inner workings of something like this must be immense so I can only congratulate everyone on the KV team for that. next update I'd personally like to see more weapon and damage types the existing cannons are nice but being able to carve open enemies with high power energy weapons really scratches an itch for me. also, THANK YOU for fixing the lag issue when shields drop that was a real pain in the arse for me.

All in all keep up the good work fellas! (and fella-esses should there be any) I would love to see this take off like minecraft did as gamer660 said.
gamer660 20 FEB 2014 a las 12:54 
I personally enjoy this game a fair bit, however it still needs work. thats to be expected, this game is something id call an Alpha, for those of you that remember, Minecraft was an alpha too. i have discovered several bug-ish things, but besides that, this game has excellent potential, i play around in the shipyard almost every day. ive created numerous ships, i just wish the shipyard actually did things slightly differently, and im not sure how to explain it. and i wont do that here. thats for another time. all things considered, i will still follow this game wherever it decides to go, and offer my feedback (i have more to say, but that could be in an IM with Kaypix if they wish) for those of you that dont think this game is going to be great? have you seen the history behind minecraft? i think this has equal -if not more- potentia asl i look forward to each release.
Kaypix 20 FEB 2014 a las 6:54 
Thanks so much for your feedback. As Kinetic Void is a HUGE game as far as the backend is concerned, the first year of development, nearly 18 months actually was only 2 guys working, bringing in artists as they needed assets (graphics). So, over the past 6 months or so that we've had additional members, we've added Steam Workshop support, drones, mining and are currently working on Faction relationships and weapon damage model types (since there will be more than Kinetic Projectiles as damage types). And thank you for having the faith in us at the time to purchase Kinetic Void. Although you may not feel like it has the gameplay you want yet , I assure you that once we finish the game, it'll be amazing. Also, keep in mind this is our first game ever, meaning we're learning as we go. If we started developing Kinetic Void today after having this much experience, it'd be built much faster than when it was first started.
Baleur 19 FEB 2014 a las 13:33 
Still next to no actual gameplay what so ever since its very first Steam release. Not happy with my purchase. Not when other games exist which accomplished far more in the same time, for the same price.
Joe Jackdaw 15 FEB 2014 a las 12:58 
Nice update looks very good
FaceTaco 15 FEB 2014 a las 8:43 
I would buy this game if it had multi player available but until such time I wont give it the time of day.
Galaxy613 13 FEB 2014 a las 7:59 
I lurv space games, keep up the good work!
BoRa 12 FEB 2014 a las 21:56 
Wow, great work again! Every update is really a step forward for this game and I also get the feeling and the chance to improve it, thank you for that! I'm looking forward to the next update :)