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Gain 100% boost to XP, Rep, and Score between 4/23 to 5/7 for the Event Horizon in Defiance!

Event Horizon from 4/23 to 5/7
Enter the New Frontier at your own risk Ark Hunter, the Event Horizon is here in Defiance along with new Pursuits! Syphon enemies are invading through arkfalls and you can earn the incredible Purified Gulanite from enemies to spend on amazing rewards in game. Play the Event Horizon in Defiance from April 23rd to May 7th and earn 100% boost to experience, reputation, and score for the next two weeks!

New Pursuits
Complete these Event Horizon Pursuits to earn extra EGO points and Valor rewards for Defiance 2050!

Expedition Specialist (5 EGO/Achievement points)
  • Complete 15 Expeditions above Tier 25 during Event Horizon
Event Horizon : Event Expert (5 EGO/Achievement Score)
  • Complete 25 Major Arkfalls, Sieges, or Incursions during Event Horizon
Event Horizon : Faction Guru (5 EGO/Achievement Score)
  • Complete 20 Contracts during Event Horizon
Event Horizon Completionist (40 EGO/Achievement Score)
  • Complete all Event Horizon Pursuits
Event Horizon Boosts
  • Gain 100% boost to XP, Rep, and Score during the event
Complete Pursuits in Defiance and earn rewards in Defiance 2050 through the Valor Program! Learn more in the Valor article[] and sign up for Defiance 2050 Beta[].

-The Defiance Team
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