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Myshadowstar 19 aug 2013 om 14:01 
Progress you have made on the game is awesome. I'm keeping a close eye on this game. Plan on getting this game once its abit further along but like the direction its taking so far. Keep up the good work.
aethenosity 18 aug 2013 om 19:05 
What? I really really like the look of the butchers!
Richon 17 aug 2013 om 22:08 
Very excited by what I have here seen! I have a couple bits of praise and one bit of constructive criticism, so I shall make a sandwich with them.

1: I am very pleased by the progress you are making with terrain and other such features. Those walls look simply beautiful. And I am confident that, as we move from alpha to beta and to releast, they will look even better! :)

2: I feel that the butcher's looks a bit too cartoony with that massive butcher's knife sticking into it. I appreciate the light-hearted nature of the game (hence I don't complain about a toast-based religion or the look of the fisher's). But I feel that you've gone a bit over the top with the butcher's. Can we please do without the giant knife, and find a slightly more subtle way of making it clear that this is a butcher's?

3: I liked seeing the animations for those devices. The repeating crossbow was especially beautiful. Keep up the good work! :)
BigBeardThoRn 17 aug 2013 om 10:43 
Really cant wait till the sandbox mode ore world editor comes out played the tutorial twice.
With all the stuff I saw like fire biome and dessert etc etc I hope there are also races like orc thingys and mabey some that werent introduced (undead , demons) but most importand is to get the game done first hopes are big :D:whiterun:
TheAlmightyLizard 16 aug 2013 om 23:25 
@Bradaz I don't think the game is going to be a tower defense game on completion, that will just be a mechanic in game, and it happens to be the one they are working on; read their other dev blogs or even better go on YouTube and look at Games Foubdry channel, they have some videos that will show you that the game will be basically a do what you want game, and you dont have to build your own maps or at least I dont think so, Im quite sure they will have some pre made maps for your entertainment. But the sandbox is a big part. I personally think that the game will be awesome when it is complete. But hey its your own opinion. =)
Brassmatic™ 16 aug 2013 om 10:18 
Personaly, I didnt really want to rely on making my own maps, thats why im disappointed. It shouldnt be standard to have to make your own maps or play with a tutorial.

And for the tower defense game thing, I bought the game thinking it was a settlers/fable/diablo sort of meld of a game, but now they have thrown tower defense into the mix aswel, im not sure about it at all!
Raine 16 aug 2013 om 8:20 
I've basically come to the conclusion it's a (light hearted) Fantasy Simulator, which is perfectly good in my books. Elements of many different styles and genres all placed into one beautiful (and customizable) bundle.

I was thinking quite the opposite in regards to how complex the editor seemed. You want to see a complicated editor; look at Shadowrun Returns (still awesome, by the way...definitely not smacking it). It makes Folk Tale's Sandbox Editor look like a See And Say for it's complexities. In my opinion, it looks quite user friendly is what I mean.
Brassmatic™ 16 aug 2013 om 6:56 
Editor looks complicated too, Is there going to be another tutorial for that? Not that the forst tutorial is any goods at all..
Brassmatic™ 16 aug 2013 om 6:55 
Since when did the game turn into tower defense?? Disappointed
Raine 16 aug 2013 om 4:30 
Very nice! I love the concept art for the Hunters Lodge and the Fisherman's Hut. The Butcher's Shop is kinda creepy though with the giant cleaver. Great, but creepy. Heh! The environments you've been adding to the game all-in-all have been fantastic! And seeing the castle walls in crumbled piles like that look brilliant.

The way your art department and programmers have been working together so well is incredible to see. You guys have been doing a lovely job at this and I can't wait to see what the future brings.