Wargame: AirLand Battle


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Blades 28 март 2014 в 14:57 
Such a worthy sequel and it also looks like the graphics have been updated a bit
strigoii_mortii 13 март 2014 в 14:18 
Looking forward for another epic RTS...
Noirilae 11 март 2014 в 22:57 
Love how they put ANZAC in there :), hate how it makes ANZAC look useless
☧Sirsucksalot✝ 11 март 2014 в 14:35 
Get roight in! Right in the back of the net!
Tuna_BOY 9 март 2014 в 19:07 
워 칸더마 디주땅커
Harmony 6 март 2014 в 22:46 
I can't wait- this is going to be another great game.

It's got me thinking about a potential Middle East game. You could have Iraq, Iran, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, even Pakistan and India... it would be really cool to see that.
Vodkasekoitus 6 март 2014 в 12:42 
I wonder if they ever will make one situated in the middle east... that would be interesting.
CHammer 6 март 2014 в 4:52 
With a lot of "modern military" games in the past decade or so mainly focussing on the familiar "US/UK/Russia/Middle East" formula, it feels great to get a bit of fresh air and see other nations get their time in the spotlight, including my own (Australia). Cheers to the devs for their inclusion of new factons to this upcoming expansion.

Just one related question: in a few frames, I noted a gunship which, unless my eyes fail me, might be a Eurocopter Tigre. Any clarification in this regard and/or who might be utilising it?
Strigon 5 март 2014 в 19:00 
ajdnitro, its free.
ajdavis2033 5 март 2014 в 12:58 
This looks amazing... when are they going to allow pre-orders