Community Spotlight - 24 January 2019

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Hella Feb 20 @ 10:53pm 
:cozykcdaxe: (o_o) // :cozyhoi4eagle:
◢◤ SaraibaXx ◢◤ Feb 4 @ 2:33am 
COMRADE_BLITZ Jan 30 @ 7:06am 
ah for christ sake just bring back the other legecy weapons and release the new map and balance the base building already
(L7) Yutubson Jan 25 @ 9:35am 
para,o dayz ainda tem muito bug,ta kikando os players do servidores por tempo indeterminado, o jogo ta bom mais por uns erros desse perde toda a graça do jogo.
luizgustavoschirmer Jan 25 @ 6:44am 
quero comprar esse jogo ainda, é muito legal
rEd Jan 25 @ 4:33am 
I'm so glad you guys didn't abandon this game. The last time I played it was early access years ago... I loved the game but It was way too bugged. I got bored 'cuz of it. And now the game is released, eventho' it's not bugless I'm enjoying the hell out of it . Keep the updates coming!
LaizoDK (Allan) Jan 25 @ 1:41am 
Please fix the persistence issue so we can build safely.
Антирад №313 Jan 25 @ 12:55am 
50% отчёта о том, как они чилят в офисе, у игры явно есть будущее
K1llKiss (MTG ARENA) Jan 25 @ 12:14am 
Bow and Crossbow :spasm:
Jack Carver Jan 24 @ 8:50pm