Status Report - 23 October 2018

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finnace21 Nov 6 @ 5:37pm 
noc9109 Nov 6 @ 9:48am 
BETA is out for exp servers..... dat fast?
Daniboyrulez_UA Nov 5 @ 7:04pm 
Maybe next time do anims for good guns such as the sks and Winchester 70 so we can enjoy them without you guys taking them out and postponing it. I think people would appreciate the sks way more then some garbage Izh rifle
ShadowAssociate Nov 5 @ 4:25pm 
FINALLY MAPS ARE BACK!@@@@@@@@@@@@@!
Lumpy Custard Nov 5 @ 1:19am 
i love this game unlike moste devs they pay atention to small detail and care for their game :)
Karandras Nov 3 @ 5:55pm 
What are the assets for base building, since is gonna be the only real new content we are getting, at least that is coming, but only a watchtower and a fence/wall?
The legend Nov 1 @ 10:13am 
is fps gonna be less or same as 0.62?? please someone answer ive tried the test servers like 1 month ago and i had like 25fps compared in 0.62 i had 60-80 , so my question is it gonna be less ? will i be able to play the game with the same fps i had in 0.62
Castiel [Tsarkillo] Nov 1 @ 6:22am 
Status Report for November: Few cups have been patched. Thanks for patience.
The Colonel Oct 31 @ 1:22pm 
Martycus Oct 29 @ 6:51am 
not played this for a lllong time.soo. tell me anyone.. are the maps still in russian which makes them usless unless you can read russian of course.. are the zombies well over powered ? are the servers still fully loaded with heavily equipped griegers waiting for you to spawn? hmmm let me know if they have fixed any of these i would like to try it again.