DayZ Server Files launch

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DarkCrusade Oct 3 @ 8:20am 
where can i find the server files?
Pacifist Sep 28 @ 3:20am 
@veteransingleton, chances are you're attempting to connect with the wrong version.
veteransingleton Sep 28 @ 2:39am 
how come all days servers say login failed when i try to join them
Pacifist Sep 25 @ 5:11pm 
Many guides have been posted on reddit, the official forums at and on a few on the steam forums.
The1FreeMan Sep 25 @ 12:49pm 
Hello, I am looking for information about setting up a private online server, and changing things like loot spawn and what not, a friend and I attempted but couldn't get it to work, gave us a compile error or something. Is there a guide for such a thing?
Rocco Sep 24 @ 10:19am 
Good news for Linux owners! The game server runs fine under Linux/Wine, tested by Open Game Panel.
Aussie Proteus Sep 24 @ 3:19am 
Finally my own world, Now I can play god:steamhappy:
Hunter Sep 23 @ 2:57pm 
I can't seem to find Zombies I'm wondering if its the spawn zones or something else please help
Goatboynz Sep 23 @ 11:57am 
dayz overpoch server here we come. So needed somthing to do
PsYcHo6077 Sep 23 @ 5:27am 
How can i change the spawnrate from car?