Status Report - 19 June 2018

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You need to moved to end this game, come on, is impossible after years it is still in Alpha !!!!!
Mr.DAT Jul 11 @ 12:39am 
A plná verze hry kdy?
Molly Agogo Jul 10 @ 3:18pm 
This game will never be finished, will it?
BOT Hall Jul 10 @ 12:52pm 
pls fix the zombie hit ... i can't kill zombies if he keep interrupet my movement pls fix that other than that problem good job on the game i really missed playing it <3
Game Impotence Jul 10 @ 7:58am 
still dead game :steamfacepalm:
PAGEYxBREA Jul 9 @ 9:48pm 
no baty ? no me
T.tvDonXP Jul 9 @ 3:34pm 
good job guys keep it coming cant wait!!
TinaOnPC Jul 9 @ 12:07pm 
sigh. this is a joke
SmoothPlay Jul 9 @ 8:53am 
They're still tweaking this pile of♥♥♥♥♥♥ They sure love to get their hands dirty xD
Rammur Jul 9 @ 8:28am 
wont even be 4 years till likne november your math is fcked