Status Report - 27 March 2018

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cowboyway Apr 23 @ 12:31am 
horses so i can ride them ples
Ruben Apr 21 @ 9:30pm 
base building and then so many players come back...
John Beton Apr 13 @ 10:02am 
Beta in 6 weeks? Not gonna happen
Zodity Apr 13 @ 7:03am 
Updated 2 days ago
Zodity Apr 13 @ 7:02am 
also look at the checklist here : look at all the sections, things that are postponed mean that they arent currently working to get them into exp. there also arent alot of to do's and if there are they are postponed aswell. Everything they havent done is currently in progress so it will be quick, (quite a few in progress) Postponed means less coding and faster release so keep your hopes up!!
Zodity Apr 13 @ 6:50am 
guys calm down, they are still making progress dont worry, even if it is small changes it doesnt matter, the game will be in beta in less than 5-6 weeks. just chill and dont rush them, they've also been busy with ID and Pax East so cut them some slack, i don't care as long as the update comes out soon.

Just Chill...
ElectricCowBoy Apr 13 @ 3:52am 
coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon £22.99
SMX87 Apr 12 @ 4:02pm 
hmm where is this new engine thingy?
Sasha Apr 11 @ 12:04am 
Any Status Report ? Its been 2 weeks And No checklist Update? What Are you Doing Guys ? Make Just Of us ?
DeathEye Apr 10 @ 1:14pm 
so.. tuesday is over - no status report, no checklist update, no testing no nothing ... yay