0.63 Experimental Release Check list

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20!8 5 hours ago 
clean this shit from steam pls
Bread Pitt 6 hours ago 
I seriously hope that all of you in the dev team, especially those of you who have been part of the scam from the start; I wholeheartedly and honestly hope that putting this game on your resume results in an instant blackballing from the gaming industry. Shame on you all.
Zeshio 11 hours ago 
@[NDC]Carrion_King I definitely agree DayZ should in no way morph into anything PubG related. The reason why people still stick to this game is because there really aren't many mp survival sandboxes out there. We probably won't see any more games like that until PubG allows modding or we get to Arma 4. So here's to hoping for a speedy delivery for .63!
Pacifist 12 hours ago 
@isw0412, no, as experimental and stable are on different databases/hives.
isw0412 12 hours ago 
Hey if I change to the experimental will I lose my character I currently have?
Bellamy 17 hours ago 
One of my favorit weapons in this game ist the crossbow. what i miss is, that i can craft bolts or reuse them, wich hit a human or animal. at the time i only can reuse bolts and arrows which missed a traget. that makes this weapon unpractical. what i also would like to see is more crafting options. and why is the recurvebow is still not added?
Bellamy 17 hours ago 
not servers cant disable it, a mod can do it. but to write a whole article about whining of sprint bars, llike u said, is realy superfluous. i was happy as i saw " wow new statusreport"? no its just useless information.
Mr. SawedOffLeatherFace 17 hours ago 
did anyone read that article? So you're telling me with all that gear you'd be able to sprint forever? Give me a break...keep up the good work dayz dev team. This is the reason why games get dumbed down because whiners complain about a sprint bar....I am sure the devs will work out the varibles ie: the amount you carry will affect your sprinting capabilities...or a server can disable it..but I won't be going on servers with sprint on forever.. I like the fact that it should affect your sprint if you have too much load on the character.
ZANDER Mar 19 @ 8:41pm 
Its a good game, if my steam got deleted I would buy dayz again, but its also not fun sometimes
[NDC]Carrion_King Mar 19 @ 4:06pm 
Amazing. Can't wait to see it progess to finish. Haven't stopped.