Status Report - 30 January 2018

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Shiberu the 80s doggo Feb 23 @ 4:36pm 
I really hope you guys can save this game. I am so sad that it didn't meet most peoples expectations, but i am really looking forward to what you will make this game into.
I am sad how it turned out to be, but i am also hopeful that this project will make it. :)
Longdar Feb 20 @ 10:30am 
Hahaha - Question -> dafür brauche ich nicht mal ins Game gehen, da ich die Karte im Kopf habe hehehe
KommanderWar Feb 19 @ 7:42pm 
criador do krl fica fazendo dezenho no mapa.. tirando foto com arma... pqp velho melhora o jogo seus fdp, melhora tanto quanto o fortnite ta melhorando.. kkkkkkkkkkkkk ??
Risky Triscuit Feb 13 @ 1:09am 
Nonsense, insults, false information, will be deleted.
Risky Triscuit Feb 12 @ 7:38pm 
Good thing the devs have been focused on building a new engine then right?
mikesamuel08 Feb 12 @ 7:34pm 
Bad dev's, that why this game is♥♥♥♥♥♥ Old♥♥♥♥♥game engine.
TheBMan772 Feb 12 @ 7:04pm 
In all honesty i cannot wait until this gets released. This will probably breathe some life into the game and bring back some old players. It will actually feel more like a standalone game than a second version of the mod.
andreamatteo98 Feb 12 @ 12:39pm 
Please solve the problem with bad_module_info, we can't play dayz for more than 20 minutes
[LWU] BUZZ Feb 12 @ 8:16am 
Mr Boogies art is meh
EAGLEWAX Feb 12 @ 8:03am 
Yo Guys is Monday !!! :steamhappy: