Change Log - 0.30.113953

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OrionHaze 2014. febr. 5., 12:59 
As much as we do appreciate this extensive list of fixes and improvements, I think most of us can agree that the most crucial fix at the moment is zombie collisions. Its not very fun when you start over from scratch and you cant even hide from zombies because they can walk through walls. Not being able to accurately search for supplies, and having to run from towns that have the supplies you need because 5 teleporting zombies are following you is an undesirable experience
kornye 2014. febr. 5., 2:06 
fix that mouse, its terrible. with nintendo duckhunt pistol u can aim better...
Panastation 2014. jan. 30., 17:49 
stop outsourcing your programing to india....after almost 2 years and this is the best u can do...same map..same bugs..zombie ignoring colisions...really..
Ђanzai! 2014. jan. 22., 7:16 
Когда выйдет?????
when will update?????
2Nuliai 2014. jan. 21., 22:29 
Gimmie ma BOW!
schooljones58 2014. jan. 21., 19:36 
need a team or a partrner would be great to have some help.
TheDarKnight 2014. jan. 21., 18:55 
MatrixMaster: Good comeback. Joke's on you I have two dads. lol
Clinto2310 2014. jan. 21., 8:40 
a bike for fast travel please or an tank will do it too
IrishMoose 2014. jan. 20., 17:08 
can anyone tell me how to fix my battleye
Creepshow 2014. jan. 20., 15:01 
Your all Crazy. Ill play the mod until I hear otherwise.