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Accounts and the TSW Legacy Transfer System

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Logan Oct 1, 2017 @ 1:48am 
Well, there is the option for another ONE-TIME transfer,
with similar limitations and only for outfits/pets/sprints.
Big Retard Sep 30, 2017 @ 7:41pm 
Soi I lost everything ? Seems pretty fishy
Ersa Sep 30, 2017 @ 7:09pm 
why was this a short limited time thing? it should be going for at least a year or do logan suggestion
Logan Aug 9, 2017 @ 11:22pm 
Well, you haven't missed out on much, some of us jumped through Funcom hoops in time, but still didn't get everything transfered right... and i can't tell if that is a bug in the damn dressing room, or if those items weren't transfered at all.

And contacting Customer Support in this matter turned out to be a huge waste of time, since they can't do anything to actually help players either.

Not to mention, why relaunch TSW into SWL in "easy mode", but then create one overly complicated and down right player hostile "Legacy Transfer" for it?

That makes no sense to me...

My suggestion, reopen that legacy transfer for everyone again, keep it open as long as TSW is running, and only slap a 7 days cooldown on it.
+ less tickets for the support
+ more players happy, since they can get all their stuff transfered after the second or third or fourth run...
Anxious_Bridge Aug 9, 2017 @ 10:32pm 
Seriously? This is over already? And here I was about to reinstall this game. What a waste of time.
Montiblanc Aug 3, 2017 @ 12:51pm 
Support told me im not eligible for transfer benefits even tho i started in june, ♥♥♥♥ this scam game.
Logan Aug 1, 2017 @ 11:21pm 
Yeah, just wondering why the Devs can't give their support a tool, that would allow them to check a TSW and SWL account, to see whats's missing and then actually give players their stuff?

With all the bugs and the unlisted exceptions regarding the dressing room, how am i supposed to know what was transfered right or not?

Or what about throwing us a bone here, and giving us at least some kind of "sorry that we kept your waiting for nearly a month" compensation?
Alestrial Aug 1, 2017 @ 1:44pm 
I contacted customer support again through, as I have been waiting for an email back for over a month, the rep told me I had already done the transfer in June.
I have never had the option to do a transfer. Something is messed up somewhere.
Mr_Anderson Aug 1, 2017 @ 11:49am 
Its working now, got my 3 slots and all the stuff, pets, etc, at last, i dont know if it helped but i went into old launcher, entered TSW, opened all bags and pets and stuff, one hour later got all my stuff in TSWL.
Mr_Anderson Aug 1, 2017 @ 9:01am 
Greetings, i have a pre order TSW account, and paid couple month subs back in the day, my TSW login didnt pass to TSWL as said, any idea to what i have to do now? There is so miss information and confusion that i have no clue to whats going on.