Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Pre-Purchase Now - Total War: THREE KINGDOMS

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nimbus132 May 21 @ 7:42pm 
looks like a great game, just waiting to see what else comes of it before i buy. Still very excited. BBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT im sick o fall the god damn DLCs. its so expensive and sometimes all of them equal more in cost than the original game like damn.
Praetor Zeno May 15 @ 10:44pm 
No thanks :D
rambo2525 May 14 @ 5:36pm 
🤣 I posted no to pre-orders and they erased my post🤣:steamhappy:
HisShadowX May 9 @ 3:55pm 
So yeah I am not a fan of what CA has become. There is no more Grand Campaign's and little you only focus on a couple of nations. I miss the old Total War now we get crap regional conflicts with old titles updated to add in Social Justice elements.
Aenrikr Apr 23 @ 11:19am 
Haha, i heard, due an new chinese law your game isnt allowed in china anymore XD
Sry, but you deserve this hit.
You treated your community like ♥♥♥♥ in the recent past.
Now Karma strikes back.
Paramadaruna Mar 28 @ 6:39am 
As much as I try to convince myself Three Kingdoms might be worth it, it will be the next TW title I'll be staying away from. The setting and scenario simply don't have much to offer and the extensive gameplay videos I've seen so far rather indicate a very fantasy-esque game bearing a typical Warhammer coating. I can imagine that it will be of some interest for the Chinese and, at best, Korean public, but will most likely pass the majority of the longstanding TW fanbase unnoticed.

I myself will always happily welcome new DLC content for Rome 2 as it is by far the best and most interesting of the TW games and still has an immense untapped potential you guys will hopefully continue to utilise to the full extent. Other than that, no thank you! Attila was and will be the last TW game I purchased, unless a miracle happens and remedies the abysmal turn the TW series took with that Warhammer bull:shit: luckily, Paradox Interactive's Rome Imperator is soon to be released!!:hypestar:
oceanbreeze8008 Mar 15 @ 5:36am 
@ Canis SMH
Canis Majoris Mar 14 @ 2:47pm 
I am not at all interested in 3 kingdoms, I am waiting for the next Total War hoping that it will be much more interesting like Medieval 3 or Empire 2 maybe even Shogun 3 but the Chinese wars just won't
You did it because the Chinese are 1 billion or more like EA you only think about money with increasingly poorer products
After Rome 2 I will never do a pre order from your company again :KneelingBow:
Gorgeous_Joe Feb 28 @ 11:05am 
The 619.5 million players in China spent $37.9 billion in 2018, which makes it the biggest games market in the world.


Sega, Creative Assembly, Activision, Feral Interactive all want a piece of that juicy pie
GoodTear Feb 26 @ 2:27pm 
I want Empire 2 or a Crimea or y'know something actually that fits 'Total War'