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RaceRoom Racing Experience

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leguan May 5 @ 2:35pm 
Seit dem großen Update geht mein Dedicated Server nicht mehr online habe nichts verstellt
habe schon deinstaliert und neu instaliert nichts geht wer kann helfen
danke im vorraus
das spiel und der Server liefen immer gut
amoreira Apr 22 @ 2:39am 
Das spiel ist gut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zorz Apr 9 @ 11:48pm 


your coms do not add anything.. ^^

it would add much to the gameplay if players get told the prices befor they download too big gamefiles.. and that players get told that they can't unlock the cars of this news ingame by playing the game..

that is a game killer and for sure a gameplaykiller, because no gameplay with empty server, because not enough cars u can choose from on MP servers and players will leave game..

литейный цех Apr 7 @ 4:32am 
в чём проблема не понимаю? текстовая локализация для такой игры вообще копейки для издателя. это принципиальная позиция что ли?
-WD-40- Apr 6 @ 10:12pm 
I meant that your coms do not add anything to the gameplay
Zorz Apr 6 @ 4:55pm 
what i bring to the gameplay? are we talking about the same topics? seems u are a little bit confused..
-WD-40- Apr 6 @ 8:30am 
@ zorz
it's sure you're just here to complain in a useless way ... what are you bringing to the game? to the gameplay? nothing at all ... useless :steamfacepalm:
do you know what is a free to play game ...
sincerely your ego is amazing ...
you just do not want to be wrong, but you're wrong like a kid :lunar2019laughingpig:
Zorz Apr 6 @ 1:35am 

the price, if there is a price, has to be written next to the object which get advertised..

also there is no link in this news here to the homepage.. and i don't want to go and i don't have to go on a homepage as long the advertisement is in the news..

i think this fake news here get used to grab new users which think that this stuff is free and than they hope that the new uses are dumb enough to buy it after they had downloaded the annoying 16GB some hours..

and please, i'am clear not interested in stuff i have to pay for in a game which i can download for free.

so next time please write between each type of content in the STEAM news it's free or not, because it'S not clear it'S free or not.

i'am not really sure it's forbidden by law to advertise stuff in this way that it looks like free but it isn't..
Maskerader Apr 5 @ 6:54pm 
Zorz, you can see the prices on the game's website: game.raceroom.com/store/
Cars and tracks cost from $3 to $5. Also the more you buy (at once), the more discount you get, there are also several packs of cars and tracks that have even bigger discount.
CAREEREVIL Apr 5 @ 1:36pm 
ya take me 24 hours to download ths update.. i cant DL it all at one time .so hope it works this is a big load.this mayb not the game for me?