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Hello everybody!

We have finally come around to implement another patch for Pole Position 2012 and we hope that version 4.5 will fix a lot of problems some of you might have encountered. The patch will be up in a few minutes. Here is a full list of improvements:

- Fixed: Price for fan stickers is no longer set to „0“ after loading a game
- Improved race speed
- Fixed: If you fire a race engineer, he will now also be removed from the driver he was attached to
- Fixed: Tire wear of NPCs was calculated incorrectly
- Increased pit stop times of NPCs
- Improved tire properties
- Fixed: Handling and weight reduction is now displayed correctly in wind tunnel
- Fixed: AI no longer has an infinite amount of tire sets
- Fixed: Players should no longer loose a large amount of positions in the first rounds of a race
- Fixed: Bug that lead to freezes during the first race
- Fixed: Bug that lead to cars having driven more rounds but holding a worse place
- Cars that have completed a race are now marked as “TAR” on the race monitor
- Fixed: Bug that lead to wrong calculations of acceleration for some cars
- Added feature: The race screen now has buttons to regulate race speed
- Added feature: Qualification rounds 1,2,3
- Fixed: Crash after winning a race
- Fixed: Points will now be calculated correctly if you win a race
- Fixed: Winning bonuses by sponsors will now work correctly
- Fixed: Race engineer points should not be reset once you fire a race engineer
- Fixed: Bug that gave a race engineer double points in races although that engineer did not have that perk
- Fixed: Player is no longer able to do an infinite number of testrounds
- Fixed: Handling and weight reduction of passive technologies are now calculated correctly in races
- Fixed: Bug that resulted in problems on multicore systems
- Fixed: Bug that resulted in problems with certain screen resolutions

Savegames should be compatible with this patch. At least they were in our test runs.
Please let us know if this patch fixes or causes any problems on your system.

Many greetings,
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