Rumble Season 2 Championship Cup finals coming up!

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Riggity Rekt Mar 15 @ 11:38am 
Also, do you really need to give players 60 seconds to pick rocco?
Riggity Rekt Mar 15 @ 11:33am 
Not sure that belongs here, but yes.
Also, if we're putting it here, community contest for brawl creation pls? u.u
mackatozis Mar 15 @ 5:39am 
Subject: "BrawlTeamDeathmatch"

I just played a match where my team reached 48 kills, we needed two more to finish the game, the enemy team disconnected, and we had to throw by killing ourselves to finish the match.

Add a timer (around 10 minutes should be fine). If a team reaches 50 kills before the time expires they will win, otherwise, the team with the most kills will be the winner once the time runs out.

From my experience, it takes from 5-7 minutes to reach 50 kills, so 10 minutes are more than enough.
Riggity Rekt Mar 15 @ 12:03am 
I wonder if there's going to be a single match where rocket isn't banned.
Also, was the deadlift lunge onto the worm a rumble match? If it was, it should definitely be in the highlight clip reel.
Loybo Mar 14 @ 5:56pm 
oh wow
god's fart Mar 14 @ 5:00pm