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Awesomenauts: The Official Steam Group

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This is the Official Steam Group for Awesomenauts. We'll post announcements about the game, share cool stuff every once in a while, and listen to your feedback. Use the group to discuss cool tactics, share screenshots and videos, and post your awesome fan-art!

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As many of you may know, we’re quickly approaching the 7-year anniversary of Awesomenauts! This only means 1 thing, it’s time for our 2nd Awesomenauts Anniversary Trivia Quiz! Better brush up on your Nauts lore (especially upgrades info HINT HINT) because there are many amazing prizes to be won! Mark down Wednesday July 31st 5pm CEST when we’ll be live on The Official Ronimo Twitch Channel[] and hosting 3 rounds of trivia with 25 questions in each round.

There will be 3 prizes to be won in each round. The 1st placed winner of each round will win the almighty Clunk statue!

The 2nd placed winner will win an Awesomenauts T-Shirt of your choosing!

The 3rd placed winner will win an original boxed version of Awesomenauts! Whether it’s the real OG boxed version of Awesomenauts or the new more exclusive steel box version of Nauts that came out with the Overdrive expansion.

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