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Did you know?

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, was an acclaimed medieval military leader who served under two Castilian kings before being exiled by Alfonso VI due to a military mistake. During his exile, Rodrigo offered his services to the Moorish king Yusuf al-Mu'taman ibn Hud and was given the title “El Cid” (The Master). Fearing Rodrigo’s military prowess, king Alfonso recalled him from exile - yet El Cid had plans of his own: to conquer Valencia. Leading an army composed of Christians and Moors, Rodrigo succeed in his endeavor and became independent.


For this week's challenge let’s not settle for the middle ground! Start with Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar on the 1st of January 1094 and unite the whole Iberian Peninsula under his banner! When you’re done, why not try to expand into France’s territory?

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