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Now that there’s been more time to digest the Arcane Hallows, we’ve had the opportunity to prepare our first thorough patch. Things like crashes during loading, equipped runes being lost, and the Stygian Study boss not spawning have been fixed (fingers crossed). We’re sure a few more bugs will reveal themselves as time goes on, but this patch hopefully covers most of the ones encountered so far. We’ve already started work on the next content release, and we will continue to keep our eyes peeled to stop more of these creepy crawlies from cropping up.

- The Cellar Door Dev Team


  • Searing Shot impact damage raised from 50% to 125%. Spell also now goes through walls, is larger, and its mana cost has been raised from 25 to 50.
  • Fireball Spell explosion size increased slightly.
  • Status effect Burn damage dropped from 60% Int to 50% Int.
  • Mage Mana Burn raised from 2 mana per tick to 3 mana per tick.
  • Updated Study Heirloom’s final arena.
  • Changed turret hazards so they shoot through one-way platforms.
  • Picking up meat with max stacks of the cooking talent now applies the cooking talent heal automatically.
  • Heavy Stone Bargain relic now extends the reload of the pistol instead of adding cooldown to the attack (which wasn't working properly).
  • Disabled Coeus Shell until we can think of a better implementation.


  • Fixed bug where Fungal Spread spell was not appearing in the spell list.
  • Fixed bug where Lightning Storm spell was not appearing in the spell list.
  • Fixed bad hint text for Poisonous Insights.
  • Removed duplicate post-processing volumes from Challenge Arenas that was negatively affecting performance on some machines.
  • Fixed reference in text that uses “Rune Slots” instead of “Rune Weight”.
  • Fixed bug where some relic icons had black backgrounds on them.
  • Fixed bug where Suave status effect duration was not properly dropping in the status bar.
  • Fixed bug where players could get further in the Sun Tower than they were supposed to.
  • Added more debugging information for hard-to-reproduce crashes.
  • Fixed bug where casting Prismatic Spectrum and getting hit at the same time would keep the game in the slowed state.
  • Fixed bug where teleporting to the Sun Tower would occasionally crash the game.
  • Fixed bug where closing the game (whether manually or due to a crash) after choosing an heir would bring you back into the previous castle with all your gold and the new heir.
  • Fixed bug where castle transition room was not being destroyed upon teleporting to the castle, resulting in the biome being built differently (which screwed up the save state of some rooms and caused random crashes teleporting to Castle).
  • Second attempt at fixing the skill tree that mysteriously disappears at random times.
  • Fixed bug where ending a run with a character with Synesthesia would crash the game after the lineage screen.
  • Fixed bug where Expert Spike Balls would still spawn in certain cases.
  • Fixed bug where standing on spikes and then falling in water / touching a cloud would teleport you back on top of the spikes.
  • Fixed bug where entering a completed Heirloom entrance room would cause Trait effects to glitch out or disappear.
  • Fixed exploit where spamming Talent + Attack with the Roll talent would allow you to attack continuously.
  • Fixed bug where Study boss chest would sometimes not spawn in.
  • Fixed some rooms where the exit was too close to a hidden wall, resulting in players being permanently invisible if they exited fast enough.
  • Fixed the study rooms with bad hulls.
  • Fixed bug where shrink collider was not working as intended, resulting in hidden wall colliders being larger than they should.
  • Fixed bug where hitting trap doors and regular doors would sometimes not animate them correctly (particularly with the Clumsy trait).
  • Fixed bug where enemies that were turning would flip for a single frame before animating.
  • Fixed bug where reloading the pistol would sometimes glitch out, resulting in an instant reload.
  • Fixed bug where exiting to main menu while an ability was active would result in a soft crash when you went back into the game and cast a new ability.
  • Fixed bug where Flame Barrier Spell would crash if you ever switched scenes while it was active.
  • Fixed bug where runes were being unequipped when returning to menu in mid-run.
  • Fixed bug where full screen trait effects were disappearing when reloading a file.
  • Fixed bug where jumping onto a snow mound while any other movement modifications were applied would screw up all movement.
  • Fixed bug where beating an arena challenge and dying at the same time would cause the game to crash.
  • Rewrote the black tint effect system on characters so that it now stacks properly. Multiple tint effects (like casting cloak while in a hidden wall) will no longer conflict with one another.
  • Fixed bug where falling would sometimes not register correct ground collisions if character was hitting a side wall.
  • Fixed bug where objects with small enough colliders could occasionally slip through sloped walls.
  • Locking a world now resets the state of the lily relic rooms.
  • Fixed bug where a number of enemies would not go black behind hidden walls.
  • Fixed bug where cancelling the casting of the Ailment Curse spell in the middle of the slowdown resulted in slowdown not ending (similar but different to another perma-slowdown bug with the same spell).
  • The cooking talent benefits are now tied to the ability, not the hero class, so you can now retain all its benefits if switching to it from the Curio Shoppe.
  • Added audio for Architect and Pizza Girl.
  • Fixed bug where pressing down while free-looking would cause the player to drop through one-way platforms.
  • Fixed soft crash caused by returning to the main menu while standing in deep snow.
  • Fixed bug where dying would remove all Synesthesia color effects from the screen.
  • Fixed bug where Hero Complex trait did not have an icon.
  • Interact icons no longer appear if your controls are disabled.
  • Fixed bug where Suave status effect was not properly calculating your magic stats.
  • Updated PlayerCard to properly display base stats unaffected by traits/relics.
  • Fixed Skill Tree not properly displaying the correct stats for many skills that used percent multipliers.
  • Updated Pool Ball spell icon.
  • Fixed Archeology Camp skill not working.
  • Clamped Resolve so that players could no longer get negative Resolve.
  • Player abilities are now disabled when entering tunnels.
  • Fixed bug where the Player death portrait was not appearing correctly when retiring in the Forest biome.
  • Sniper enemy now raycasts to change indicator length if it hits a wall.
  • Added Architect gold loss display to the Player HUD.
  • Fixed bug where interact pop ups would sometimes appear rotated.
  • Fixed bug where quitting to menu while at the Docks would reset the lock state of the world if it was set to a temporary lock.
  • Skill tree no longer fades out icons if no animation exists when that skill is unlocked.
  • Fixed bug where quitting to menu at the Docks resulted in the game saving the Docks as the latest stage. This meant Charon would bring you back to the Docks if you subsequently locked the World and took his boat.
  • Fixed bug where reload ability sfx would keep playing if you quit to menu while it was active.
  • Fixed bug where some spawned enemies would appear on the ground, through one-way platforms.
  • Fixed bug where volume levels would sometimes be one unit off.
  • Fixed bug where the sky wouldn't appear in the window behind the heir selection area if you had a very long lineage.
  • Fixed bug where hitting spikeballs with the mage's mana leech attack would cause them to loop the mana leech sfx forever.
  • Fixed bug where the mana leech sound effect would loop forever if you left the room where you started the leech before the status effect was finished.
  • Optimized the texture of water to reduce VRAM usage.
  • Fixed bug where red lines would sometimes appear when exiting tunnels
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