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Torchlight III (Beta)

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Check out our Discord[discord.com], Facebook[www.facebook.com], Twitter, and Twitch[twitch.com] to get the latest development news[www.torchlight3.com] and updates.

Hey Torchlight Fans,

Torchlight 3 is now available on Steam Early Access!


Read the launch blog {ĐƯỜNG DẪN BỊ XÓA} and stay tuned for an update from Tyler where he will post about the current state-of-the-game and Early Access content plan. We’ll also be posting patch notes soon for those who are interested in the specific updates and changes since the Closed Beta ended.

Thank you again for providing your feedback and bug reports during the Torchlight 3 Alpha and Closed Beta. We are so excited to see you and everyone else on the frontier!

See you in-game!
- Echtra Bean

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