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I will be streaming our early Hellcard prototype!

A few words on the game itself
Hellcard is a truly multiplayer cooperative roguelike deckbuilder. It's a kind of spin-off sequel to Book of Demons too. We often wondered how BoD would play if it was a multiplayer and a deckbuilder to the core and Hellcard is the answer.

Designed for up to three players (while also featuring solo campaign mode, of course) it pitches heroes in a series of encounters and battles against progressively more tricky enemies. You not only build your own deck adapting to the dungeons and looking for synergies but also try to synergize with your friends' decks. Or you can try your luck fighting back to back with strangers.

Pre alpha disclaimer

The demo you can play during this event is our pre-alpha prototype. We originally built it to test selected core combat mechanics and test drive the multiplayer net code with our community. Once the event is over we will scrap the code and create the final game using what we learned during the event. This means that it would be super helpful if you would report bugs (either on Discord or using in-game widget).

This is only the beginning of this adventure and we will keep testing builds as we go. In case you would like to be a part of that process hop on Sneak Peek channel on our Discord.[]

Good luck and as always,
Stay safe in paper dungeons :archduck:

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