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Welcome back to another edition of Weed Shop 3 Monthly Update!
Yes we know, we're almost half a month late with this monthly s**t this time and still got no influencers up in here, however, we finally managed to get the first batch of Trippy Events out and put some much-needed bugfixes in without breaking the game (we hope) :D

If you ever wondered what Squid Games would be like if the guy coming up with the games was high AF, then Crab Digger, Mad Munchies, and Burnout Bowling should answer your question. The Trippy Events are a series of minigames that don't affect the core gameplay but do help with gaining additional xp, cash, and items required to progress in the upcoming side quests. And since there'll always be haters, the events can only be triggered while playing the game on "Trippy" difficulty setting.

Now that we've got a new game difficulty setting, we thought it'd be the perfect time to elaborate on what each of the difficulty levels means:
  • Chill - Grow weed and chill
  • Average - Grow weed, deal with mites, mold & degenerates.
  • Trippy - Grow weed, deal with mites, mold & degenerates, pickup unicorn balls, get attacked by dank burritos, etc...
So we're planning to release another batch of trippy events just in time for Halloween (or a couple of days late, as always) but more importantly, we've already started working on the next stage of the late game which is Hybrids, Concentrates, and.... wait for it... MFing influencers :ws_daman:

STAY TUNED!:ws_peace:
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