Project Torque

Project Torque

Hello Steam!

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Khrono Mclovin Jul 19 @ 10:10am 
Shut up and take my money!! I can not wait to dive back into this.
rijijitna Jul 19 @ 1:24am 
Пендосов опять нагнут в дрифте и закроют проект
SLAYELITE1[GER]~RoH~ Jul 17 @ 9:29am 
Plz Coming Back:steamhappy:
raziii2g Jul 13 @ 2:31pm 
hope soon to play :)
Doodlepugg Jul 12 @ 8:36am 
Yeeeeesss! Gutted after spending over £100 back in the day that I lost all that! Can't wait to play CTF on rock around the mount with the buggy and C-Racer again!! Woooooo! And on the hangar map with the shouty SW20 MR2!!! And racing the B-Roads with the FD3 RX-7!
Pedro Mourao Jul 11 @ 2:24pm 
Long time no see old friend :)

[PTR] Act
KnightRyder Jul 9 @ 7:06pm 
o yes, sweet news and please take your time!
Beep beep im a toyota Jul 6 @ 8:21pm 
omg !! ITS COMING BACK !!! :D :D :D
Sunlight The Pony Jul 4 @ 6:25pm 
Oh boy. I couldn't play the game, but I certainly will play! I've played LA Street Racing(EU name) but I didn't knew this game even existed! I am ashamed, but I won't skip this for now at least! Great job, and take your time! :P
Joat Jul 3 @ 1:14am 
OOooooooo it is about f%*#ing time this came back for another run.

Iv wasted MANY MANY years and cash on this game and all its incarnations ....... ill be doing it again.

I only hope they put an end to the wall ridding. science teaches us friction slows you down HAHAHA