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Court of Ashes

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Hello Councillors,

A few more bugs have trickled down over the past couple of weeks, and our team has been working hard to patch them as they are reported.

You may have noticed a few small patches come through these past two weeks, and this post is just to provide a little bit of context to what was updated:

  1. A few scenarios had missing triggers and would not appear or would appear with the wrong information. These triggers have been updated.
  2. Loading the game on certain machines led to a black screen. The load system has been refactored to process scene loads more sequentially.
  3. Some machines were able to run the game at non-compatible resolutions. The game now defaults to 1920x1080 for first-time users if their resolution width or height is higher than that.

Our team has been so pleased with all of the kind words and constructive feedback that has come through for the game. As well, we'll continue to personally respond to each bug report and suggestion request.

We're so happy to continue making Court of Ashes the best that it can be.

Stay turned for another announcement in the next couple of weeks. A major update is coming just in time for the holidays. :)
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