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Hello Councilors! 👑

We’re writing today with some bittersweet news. After many discussions between the team, we’ve decided to make Court of Ashes free for anybody that wants to own it. You will see this change on April 12th, and everyone who already owns the game will continue to own it. This decision is driven by the difficult truth that we no longer have time to maintain the game to the level that our fans deserve and believe that it would be unfair to charge for an experience that we no longer have time to support or guarantee.

Court of Ashes was an unexpected journey. Being the first game that my husband and I worked on, we learned quite a bit and had even more fun as we brought our vision into the world. We are making our way into the second year since the game's release, and it’s been our greatest pleasure in the world to engage with, learn from, and be a part of this small but heartfelt community.

If you were ever interested in trying our little game, then there couldn't be a better time grab a copy. Whether you are unlocking alchemical secrets with Brida, making promising trade routes with Armis, or just telling Janpier to take a bath, I hope your experience with the game is a great one.

Have fun!

The Cratels
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