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Look who's back! We’re sounding the siren for 48 hours of Blunderdome mayhem in an epic scramble for the highly coveted...Golden Hotdog!

Starting September 18th, prepare your beans for a weekend of quick-fire stumbling in the Glizzy Gang Showdown Limited Time Event, stacked with unique challenges and rewards for our most dedicated Blunderdome contestants (or fans of ludicrous gold-plated snack foods, that’s fine too).

Dive into the Glizzy Gang Showdown - 18-19 September
Roll up, roll up, we’ve got extra-special Glizzy Gang cosmetics galore! Complete the special challenges to earn points and unlock this glittering array of goodies on your road to Golden Hotdog glory....

  • “Glizzy Gang” Nickname - 200 points
  • Vaporwave Colour - 400 points
  • Tech Icons Pattern - 600 points
  • “Golden Hotdog” Nameplate - 800 points
  • Golden Hotdog Lower - 1000 points
  • Golden Hotdog Upper - 1200 points
  • Good luck, and see you in the Blunderdome!

Good luck, and see you in the Blunderdome!
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