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Hey, everyone! Today we're releasing v1.4.0, featuring added support for final Vulkan Ray Tracing API, and enabling dynamic selection between the pre-existing NVIDIA VKRay and the new Khronos extension backends.

New Features:

  • Added support for final Vulkan Ray Tracing API. The game can now run on any GPU supporting `VK_KHR_ray_tracing_pipeline` extension
  • Added temporal upscaling, or TAAU, for improved image quality at lower resolution scales.

Fixed Issues:

Denoiser Improvements:

  • Implemented a new gradient estimation algorithm that makes the image more stable in reflections and refractions.
  • Implemented sampling across checkerboard fields in the temporal filter to reduce blurring.
  • Improved motion vectors for multiple refraction, in particular when thick glass is enabled.
  • Improved the temporal filter to avoid smearing on surfaces that appear at small glancing angles, e.g. on the floor when going up the stairs.
  • Improved the temporal filter to make lighting more stable on high-detail surfaces.

Misc Improvements:

  • Added git branch name to the game version info.
  • Improved the console log to get more information in case of game crashes.
  • Increased precision of printed FPS when running timedemos.
  • Reduced the amount of stutter that happened when new geometry is loaded, like on weapon pickup.
  • Replaced the Vulkan headers stored in the repository with a submodule pointing to https://github.com/KhronosGroup/Vulkan-Headers
  • Static resolution scale can now be set to as low as 25%.
  • Vulkan validation layer can now be enabled through the `vk_validation` cvar.
  • Updated SDL2 version to changeset 13784.
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