Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Online Multiplayer public beta available!

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TheBigTyme 14 чер 2014 о 20:23 
i have the beta password input, successfully see the servers, join and create a character, then it tells me my lua files are different than the server and crashes......any help?
GiggleBuns 8 тра 2014 о 18:19 
I really hope that they will eventually make multiplayer accessible through steam (such as L4D2 or Civ 5) so I can play a server with friends without having to worry about IP Forwarding and all that, it'd be a lot safer.
SANTIAGO 27 кві 2014 о 20:47 
I'm really excited for how this games shaping up, although I wish that Zomboid was better optimised for maximum FPS.
Beerholic.KR 22 кві 2014 о 5:27 
rain barrel doesnt work. cant click crops(carrot&radish)either. can harvest right after saw seed cabage&tomato. cooks disappear when put out campfire if in it. it disappear too equip axe when already equip axe(during exchange for durability) . only 1 left. alway start the game my window sheet cover 3layer. if i remove curtain and restart they placed again.
plz work it out to next update.
I have so much fun
but rain collect barrels were not woking is critical error for run game
hope patch soon. at least notice next patch date please
Undertaker 6 кві 2014 о 8:50 
Is go pretty well so far i reckon... hell i couldn't make a game to save my life (atm) keep up the good stuff..... Does anyone know when the multiplayer will be updated?
Rosso 1 кві 2014 о 22:05 
Would be nice, but most servers are PVP, I just want PVE with other survivors and not some walking-dead style deathmatch.
CocoPiny 1 кві 2014 о 11:36 
gies i really dont know how to get multiplayer i have the full game please help. i went on to the link but i dont really get where to go
Maliciousfiber 30 бер 2014 о 9:03 
The style of this game (isometric view) is perfect. It really allows for more content and subliminally moves the player to have, at times, more dynamic perspectives. It is a very intriguing game.
Billbo Tea Baggens 17 бер 2014 о 1:48 
where the is the site to get the multiplayer stop being so criptic