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Dynamic cooperative shooter

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Hello, dear players of Stigfinnare! It's been a year since this game was released in Steam, by exiting from Early Access. We have an announcement for you about future updates and what Stigfinnare will be. But first, we have to say that Stigfinnare has -72% off during the next two weeks!
As you may notice, there were no updates and even patches since 15 January, and the last patch has fixed Christmas update bugs and removed New Year's main menu design. In UTID, we've been discussing if stigfinnare should live, or should we switch to other projects. For now, I can say there is no UTID anymore as a team, but a publisher. I have to tell you that Stigfinnare will not continue to be developing in the near time, but we've already planning to remaster it after raising funds with such tools as pro builder and specialized tools for UI. We have no dates now, so please don't take this as a promise. Thanks for playing!
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