Golden Treasure: The Great Green

Golden Treasure: The Great Green

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A Sassy Dragon Aug 12 @ 5:55am 
I'm in the same boat as king_slother and ttroopersm. I saw this on SplatterCat's channel here and was instantly hooked. I also think some advertising may help. You could try seeing what it costs to advertise on say FurAffinity or InkBunny. I know the ads on FA have brought me to gems I never would have seen/seeked out on my own.
ttroopersm Aug 4 @ 5:27am 
Saw this game on Splatter too. Really looks like a Artistic work, very beautiful, congratulations.
Buying it right now, looks great!
king_slother Aug 3 @ 7:42am 
Saw this game on Splatter Cat Gaming (youtube). Really interested, but steam doesnt think I would be because it's not characterized or tagged as anything similar to what I play. I hope Splatter Cat does more and I will be purchasing so I can experience this epic piece of work!
Red Aug 1 @ 1:23am 
I've recommended it to the people that would care and I've gifted it to a friend, might pick up some more copies in the future. Still feels like a drop in the bucket for a game to be a commercial success. Unfortunately I think the game is so niche that not a lot people see it in their steam recommendations, and it could benefit from advertising on some furry circles.

Artistically this game will always hold a place in my heart for its beautiful vision and non-human perspective on spirituality and life.
Worgen Freeman Jul 27 @ 9:45pm 
You might want to change the line about 'carrying a dragon in your heart' in the description. Pretty much everyone I have linked the game to has commented on that line. I think they might assume the game is aimed at other kin or something. I'm still gonna keep linking it though since the game is kind of amazing.
Yuubi Jul 25 @ 8:09am 
Gonna add to what my previous "Draak-Kin-from-another-Creator"s said.

I learned about the game on the webbrowser & pixel pet site "Flight Rising" where you can have dragons, breed them, dress them up, fight, HOARD and so on with a rich lore and worldbuilding textes.There a user made a thread about the game and i got curious.

I think investing in advertisment is the best choice, i cant shamelessly advertise it on all discord servers i am on anymore >_>;

I still have to write a review, because the game deserves it as one of the most beautyful games i have ever played, and Okami was on Rank 1 on that regard for me.

Thank you all for this gift to the world.
TheAronimus Jul 25 @ 3:03am 
Expanding on Xelrah comment - It seems that furries are also not that really interested in playing. The game actually suffers from the lack of advertisement besides steam store page and recomendations. In my case i just heard about the game on a discord server (that might or might not be related to furs) , and soon a few more people jumped onto the game. We can hope that with time more and more people will flock here, as the game is really solid in terms of quality, community, art, music, gameplay and story. Of course idea of playing as a dragon Draak-Kin still remains it's most prominent selling point.
Xelrah Jul 24 @ 12:13am 
I suppose a lot of people who see front page instantly think this is some kind of furry game or such, and do not even give it a chance because of it. I really can't think of any other reason why it's so niche with such great writing as it has. But I hope it will gain traction over time, given some luck and perhaps influencers finally noticing it.