A Legionary's Life

A Legionary's Life

The upcoming Second Macedonian War: release date and future plans

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Sertorius  [developer] 14 hours ago 
That's amazing! I greatly appreciate your support.
Vlad The Inhaler Aug 16 @ 5:58pm 
Fantastic! I love this game so much. I have so far bought this game for 3 of my friends, because I wish for them to understand my love for this fun game(also I wanted to support you as much as possible).
GreyStranger Aug 15 @ 10:56pm 
This game is brilliant and fun.
Plz make more roman campaings (gallic, siege of carfagen, east campaings) and not only makedon. And mb End of the roman empire.
For all that i will buy your game 3 times)
Sertorius  [developer] Aug 14 @ 12:07pm 
@(no monitor):

The current campaigns and the upcoming one are heavily based on historical accounts. Unfortunately, there are no plans for custom campaigns.
nosirrbro Aug 13 @ 7:57pm 
Exciting. Just bought the game, but figure I'll wait 'till then and start playing it proper with the full campaign. Happy to see I didn't buy a game the developers abandoned!
(no monitor) Aug 13 @ 7:57pm 
Will there be any way to make custom campaigns
flori2412 Aug 13 @ 12:06pm 
I find it amazing how much effort you put into interacting with the player community. Thank you for creating such a fun and unique game!

Don't put yourself under too much pressure with the release date. Please don't release an update just because you think that people might be getting impatient. Of course, I am very excited about the Macedonia parts (like everyone else, I guess), but the game is already fantastic in its current state.

Keep up the good work, Sertorius, but don't forget to take a break now and then :-)
Kodiak Aug 13 @ 10:03am 
Great stuff Sertorius, I actually can't believe how replayable this graphically simple game is!