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Battle Realms: Zen Edition

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Every warrior has a name and they are all willing to die for you.

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Battle Realms is a fantasy RTS inspired by the stories told in kung-fu movies and oriental mythology. Develop your tiny peasant village into a highly trained and deadly efficient clan of warriors who are ready to die with your name on their lips.

☯ Train Your Warriors: Experience one of the most unique troop creation systems in RTS. Peasants train into soldiers, which in turn, can follow multiple training paths like Samurai, Cannoneers, Bandits, Berserkers, and many other mythical warriors.

☯ Live or Die by the Land: Seize tactical advantages in a living world teeming with life - birds fly when startled, wolves attack troops, higher ground offers increased power to ranged attacks, and when it rains, fires are put out and crops grow faster.

☯ Command the Power of Zen: Your Zen Masters wield fantastic powers in the heat of battle - heroic feats inspire your people, granting almost magical powers and opening up new strategies.

☯ Blood Spilled Is Power Gained: Lead warriors to victory and earn Yin & Yang points to acquire destructive new weapons and magic. The more you do, the more powerful you become.

☯ A War for the Masses: Stage epic battles with up to 8 players. Dozens of multiplayer maps and a deeply customizable PVP skirmish mode.

Battle Realms Online Guide

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Greetings, warriors!

Alas, getting rid of synchronization errors has proven to be even more difficult than getting rid of the Horde, we've underestimated our enemy one too many times. Fret not! We will be singling out every desync trigger left in the game.

Thank you for your support and feedback as always! Reading all the comments to Update 1.57 was a blast.

Update 1.57.1 is coming through with more fixes and improvements.

1.57.1 Changelog:

  • Version updated to 1.57.1.
  • Internal tweaks regarding Multiplayer stability.
  • Minor lobby improvements.
  • Synchronization errors (desyncs / player drops) will now play a sound and show a proper message .when they happen (we sincerely hope you won't get to see it often).
  • Game speed limitation for Steam Multiplayer lobbies has been reverted.
  • Lobby description will now change if user changes it in the lobby settings. This will be seen by everyone in the Steam Multiplayer lobby.
  • Speed for multiplayer lobbies has been improved.
  • Chat in the multiplayer lobby settings has been fixed: now it's also colored and you can send messages that would be seen by everyone in your lobby.
  • Changing global settings (Main Menu -> Options) will be saved to current player's profile (such as in-game hotkeys).
  • In-game hotkeys will no longer reset when updating/verifying the game through Steam.

  • Increased difficulty for campaigns as AI there behaved in quite a bizarre way. It is almost the same as the one you encounter in Skirmish.
  • Clan selection dropdown menu will no longer show the selected clan when picking "Random" in Multiplayer.
  • In-game stun has been fixed (units will no longer run around stunned targets, engaging them instantly instead). Attackers will no longer disengage when stunned units are ordered to move/attack.
  • Serpent Cannoneer smoke bomb (machinegunning) abuse has been finally fixed, Cannoneers finally shoot smoke bombs as they should- with a proper reload! Wolf Ballistaman Totem... We're coming for you next!
  • Dragon Samurai Seppuku will no longer give any Yang points if no units are affected.
  • Yin/yang multipliers regarding damage dealt are now fixed (no more 3 Yang points for Samurai Seppuku).
  • Fixed the inability to gain any Yin/Yang in some in-game situations (thanks to user Blankname for providing a crucial report and a save file).

  • [UnitAI] Healers and Necromancer will no longer respond aggressively to enemy attacks.
  • [UnitAI] When putting out fires, Peasants will now take into consideration the nearest water source from the burning building instead of themselves.
  • Destroyable battle gears can no longer be thrown on impassable terrain or buildings.

  • [AI]: AI controlled units will now destroy enemy magic objects (Ballistaman's Totem, Unclean One's Sentry, Ronin's Cursed Swords etc.)
  • [AI]: AI controlled units won't retaliate if a peasant was killed far away from his main base.
  • [AI]: Necromancer pathing fix (no more walking/reposition loop).

More notes:

One change made in the Update 1.57 wasn't listed in the changelog, so we're listing it now.

The "Cinematic Level Of Detail (LOD)" with high poly models was once again moved, this time from 'Very High' to 'High' for a couple of reasons:

  • Main reason is it being on 'Very High' removed some of the minor VisualFX for the (previous) vanilla 'Very High' setting, such as Serpent Cannonner's flag shimmering with blue or Kabuki Sword shimmering with pink.
  • We didn't want to force the cinematic LoD on most users due to not yet fixed and overall inferior looking high poly wolf models.

High Poly Wolf models will be fixed in the next update, we can't exactly say to what degree as we're limited in our capabilities for now, but they'll look better and will have distinct Shale Armor. We'll talk about that one in one of the upcoming announcements, so keep an eye out for it!

Community & Discord:

Discord has proven to be a very helpful and fun program to use for us, so we're quite keen on maintaining it and have it as a bridge between us and the community. It's already populated by more than 3000 members!

If you're having issues, planning to report a bug or just want to learn something new about the game and communicate with others - we'd like to see you there, come around!


Miscellaneous info:

Stay tuned for more updates!

- The Battle Realms Team
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