Audica Launches Into Early Access

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Liko Mar 8 @ 10:14am 
Would love to see some songs from Lazerhawk and Carpenter Brut. Music to match the aesthetics. I'm picking this up regardless. Beatsaber started with 10 songs, and they're expanding from there. I'm sure with Harmonix (being a larger team) being behind this, we'll get a faster rollout of songs.
Riku_wayfinder Mar 7 @ 3:12pm 
ArcticKitsu Mar 7 @ 1:07pm 
Sucks to be 'RidiculousBox'.... Only here to troll. I feel bad for this person because they're missing out on something highly awesome in the VR market. RIP 'RidiculousBox', was nice knowing you for the 5 seconds while we have fun playing these awesome games in VR :)
Oriox Mar 7 @ 12:44pm 
You guys have a long way to go - did you have any players test this before making it a public EA? Going to be killed in the Steam reviews for this. Should have had some basic playtesting, feedback, and polish before EA release, because with so much lacking and the bad reviews that will come because of that, this one might be DoA.
SavageTusk Mar 7 @ 11:09am 
I'm down, hope it's good, loved guitar hero and now Beat Saber. Any mods in mind for more songs?
RidiculousBox Mar 7 @ 11:02am 
What the hell is this??????? You used to make amazing games on Xbox Kinect and Rock Band... now you are focusing on this unhealthy eye hardware!!!!! So bad....
|HP|SeeEmilyPlay Mar 7 @ 10:08am 
SystemError514 Mar 7 @ 9:50am 
Accidently already bought it
SystemError514 Mar 7 @ 9:12am 
Getting paid tomorrow. Buy it!