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Hello there, Landlords!

How has everyone's Summer been? For us, well, after releasing our first big update a couple of months ago, we've been hard at work gearing up for our next major release called the Renovation Update. We're still a few weeks away from launching it, but today we'd like to take the opportunity to give you a little tease of what's coming down the pipe. Moreover, to celebrate the upcoming update, we'll be running a community contest this weekend with exciting prizes to be won. Stay tuned until the end of the teaser for more information!

One of the most requested features that's been seemingly on everyone's mind when playing the game is the ability to customize furniture color scheme. Well, we've gone and done it! We went through every single piece of furniture in the game and gave each at least a few different color variants, so you can finally find the perfect color combination for your next project!

To make renovation less repetitive and more challenging, we'll be adding several new core features to the game. First and foremost, all furniture in the game will be assigned a list of furniture tags that best describe their look and vibe, matching which will be taken into account when rating your designs. Job clients and tenants might have their preferences though, so you'll have to be on the lookout to pick and choose the items of their dream style.

Not only will the choice of the items matter more in the next update, but so will their placement. We'll be introducing the so-called proximity bonuses, which are special modifiers that give you additional points or even penalties based on next to what other items you placed your furniture. For instance, if you place the plunger too far away from the toilet, its overall value will be greatly diminished and your clients will notice that something is wrong. All of this will be neatly displayed by the in-game UI, which will dynamically highlight all the connections that each item has as you hover over it.

Another highly requested feature was the option to edit windows in your properties. With the new update you'll now be able to both remove any window you find in the property and even build new ones! Say goodbye to those annoying window sills blocking your go-to shower placement.

As mentioned in the intro, throughout this upcoming weekend we'll be running a community contest on our Discord server. Join our community on Discord (click here[]) and learn more about the rules and prizes.

That's it for today! Let us know what you think of the development progress in the comments down below. Stay tuned and follow the game for more updates!

The Tenants Team
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