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Hi everyone,

The game finally has a new trailer you can see here and on the Steam page.

The last trailer was done way back in 2019, when the game was still in an "early tech demo" state, so this is a looong time coming.

There's also a Kickstarter launching this month. As many of you know, I've been funding the game 100% out of pocket for the bits that I can't develop myself (the art and the Japanese localization).

Why Kickstarter then? Mainly so I can afford to have the game translated into more languages. Being a text-heavy game, translation is veeeery expensive, so it's the one part I can't afford to do on my own. But I know that most followers of the game are already English speakers and don't benefit directly from the translations, so I'll be adding extra content and features (like post-game content, a trading card game, etc.) to the game if the Kickstarter succeeds or meets stretch goals.

As a perk, Kickstarter backers will get a key for the game at a discount: you'll get a key for your platform of choice at the $15 tier instead of paying the retail $20. There will be other backer rewards available, too at higher tiers, including a limited edition soundtrack CD.

Here's the link to that:

If you have friends who you think might be interested in the game, on Facebook/Twitter/reddit/wherever, please help spread the word. Every Steam wishlist, every Kickstarter follow, every newsletter signup - they all help a ton, and as a solo developer, your help and your feedback goes a long, long way in making this game a success.
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