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Whenever I voice chat using steam, all my other sounds are relegated to my computer speakers. Does anyone else have this problem?
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It's a setting in your pc. Most likely not steam related. Just go into your settings and set your output to your speakers.
No it's not that, the moment I shut steam down it stops and I regain game sound
Do you have Rel Tek Technology speakers?
No integrated beats and communication headphones
that's a steam issue, just plug your head phones into your speakers.
I have a laptop, my speakers are integrated...thanks for the suggestion.
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Well I am guessing the problem is when you make a call on Steam, all other application that have some form of audio playback are reduced, well I going to assume you run Windows. Right click the Speaker icon and click Playback Devices, then in the window that pops up go to the communication tab. There you should see options for Windows to perform automatically when you make a call. Then select "Do nothing" and you should be good, and don't forget to hit apply. Hope I helped, and good luck trying to fix your issue.
Thank you! :)
Well darn, its already set to "do nothing" and my audio still cuts out...
I have this same issue too, doesn't anyone have a solution?
What's your hardware, maybe it's computer-specific, like it only happens on HPs or something...
Yeah, I have an Hp laptop too. Its a pavilion notebook PC. is that what you have?
Same here, a pavilion. Seems like steam's not the problem here...
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