lithious maximus 13. feb., 2013 @ 18:19
Looking for game suggestions
Been playing alot of my boxed games from years past as not many new games i've seen get me excited or get my interest/curiousity.

Been playing allot of old school games like diablo 1 & 2, fallout 1,2 and tactics (the newer fo games are not what i want) what i've been playing recently also i found some sweet games like mark of the ninja, space pirates and zombies. Also been playing allot of cs:GO it is a laugth on the right server.

If anyone remembers wasteland created by interplay, a sequal is finaly coming out soon, i can't wait to rock that!

can you recommend some strategy/rpg games? i've been looking, maybe i missed a few gems
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bloodraven43 13. feb., 2013 @ 21:19 
heroes of might and magic 3,4,5...civ 4,5...c and c zero hour,generals...neverwinter nights 1,planescape tornment,icewind dale 1,2,baldurs gate 2,mass effect...2 was awesome.....dishonered,skyrim,oblivion,diablo 3,starcraft list goes on and on and disciples 2 was pretty kool
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lithious maximus 14. feb., 2013 @ 6:00 
The civ games rule i have them on disks somewhere, planescape torment was a addictive game from back in the day. Did you ever play arcanium?

mass effect is'nt my thing, dishonoured is not a option i'm boycotting some games for good reason bethesday and blizzard is'nt gonna get another penny from me.

I'm gonna look up look up icewind dale and i might give generals a go, it depends if ea has stopped dumbing down rts?

Thanks for the suggestions i apprechiate it
bloodraven43 14. feb., 2013 @ 6:05 
yeah arcanium is another hour and generals are the best games of the series.i think, of command and conquer...has the old school feel...forgot one of my favs dungeon seige rpg but if you get that only buy the legends of aranna version which comes with the original and exp and can be modded to widescreen 1080p
lithious maximus 14. feb., 2013 @ 6:47 
always handy to know, sometimes i have to use a palettestealer to make it scale to a modern resolutions on oldschool rpgs and older games. I might have dungeon siegue somewhere i might have a look for it.

For me the best c&c was c&c (origional one),tiberian sun and of course redalert 2, another gem i found was commandoes 1 and 2 burried in my collection.

I'm installing stalker series at the moment from boxed games you can take a stalker out of the zone, you can never take the zone out of a stalker.
BitmapBrother 14. feb., 2013 @ 15:14 
I would say the Gal Civ games are quite fun. Its Civ but in space. :) Id like to recommend the X series but those are not everyone's cup of tea.
bloodraven43 14. feb., 2013 @ 15:37 
yeah i have all 3 commandos and strike force...forgot about them...cant get the original c and c to run on my pc...i have a real old cd for that one and the installer fails when i try to install it.i think that i bought for the ps1 along time ago.then i got a pc copy free with a voodoo 5500 graphics

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lithious maximus 14. feb., 2013 @ 18:39 
the voodoo is gonna be worth some serious cash soon keep, the mythical voodoo. i know sometimes you have to retry a few times with old games.gog have allot of classic gems if the origionals get scuffed to hell and back.

i have x the threat its a hardgame i wish i had a joy stick, i tried a demo of sin of the solar empire not impressed.

Commandes ruled nothing could beat knocking out and killin germans(they censored me, sad face) and locking them in a office lol
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bloodraven43 14. feb., 2013 @ 20:11 
yeah that game was a blast...hell that voodoo 5500 is long gone along with the other upteen million cards ive bought since bill and his buddies came selling me some freakin windows at my
lithious maximus 15. feb., 2013 @ 8:37 
In england voodoo cards are known as ironing boards as they were the biggest cards at the time and you had to run it with the side panel off, i would love to have one to frame on my wall lol

I rarely upgrade software i went from win 95 to 98se then xp currently winblows 7, as i love linux more i dual boot and just winblows to game soon i could be linux only! wasteland is making hopeful for some oldschool action
bloodraven43 15. feb., 2013 @ 15:16 
wasteland 2 looks kool...even the sounds of the guns reminds me of fallout tactics...forgot that one many great old school games out there....nightwatch was pretty kool...weird tbs/rpg hybrid type of game.
lithious maximus 15. feb., 2013 @ 15:19 
i need moar oldschool games, modern games are boring as hell
MadZec 15. feb., 2013 @ 16:23 
You ever tried League Of Legends or maybe Dota2 I mean strategy you can make against another human and each time diffrent one is great. And on you desiding on ignoring Betshedas games is a bad thing Betsheda made some freaking great games from: Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Elther Scrolls serials and Dishonored too... in my book that is great loss for you. Also if you want solid strategy you have now XCOM too it is prety solid game and would be bad that you miss it up... o well as people say list do goes on...
lithious maximus 15. feb., 2013 @ 17:07 
nah the new fo games are'nt fallout, they oblivion with a new look and a scattering of fallout references and items. dishonoured was'nt bad on my mates console it just it did'nt give me many non lethal options so i did'nt really care for playing low chaos, i ended up butchering everyone lol

My boycott on bethsoft is well founded,theres no regret or any loss mate. I never liked moba style games i'm a rts player who likes to use strategy and position to make things fun, hit and run tactics are a very good tool in battle as they never know what your gonna do lol

Xcom is on my list of considerations, i hear it has some serious bugs and i heard it can really extract the urine lol with shooting through 3 walls and 1 shotting your best guy hopefully it will be patched well the multiplayer looks quite promising.

lets all hope and send brian fargo of inexile good vibrations to create a game like the true falout games with true choice and many many char builds, without greedy publishers making them add garbage no one likes.
MadZec 15. feb., 2013 @ 17:20 
Well then we can agree that we disagree on Betsheda... and I can again really recomend you XCOM cause I personaly think that game is worth it but maybe is not for 10 out of 10 but 9/10 surely is (in my book)
lithious maximus 15. feb., 2013 @ 17:35 
Its on my list xcom could be coming soon, i remember playing the origionals it was so tense and it was just a deep game of stats and strategy and it is worth playing today. From what i've seen of the new xcom its been simplified and took out base invasions, yet they added new features and mechanics to the game play so it could be good.

When you do the interceptions of alien aircraft do you get that feeling of is it worth it? or do i have enougth resources if i get shotdown...

killing floor = looks like fun
the cave = looks promising
nightwatch =how did i miss this game
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