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Why does steam think ARE WE SO STUPID WITH PRICE SO F...reakin different
HOW THE f..... steam sells all those games at different prices around the world without any whatsoever reason other then their greedy f*** asses ......

How can a game have so different prices in UKraine, Russia, and other countries ???

I for one will not ever pay again full price and will never buy another game from them and like me there will be thousands when they will find out how much they pay....
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for xeample black ops 2 in ukraone is half the price, so is borderlands 2 and many many games
if it;'s the same stupid f.... game then it should have the same price everywhere. If the russians pay a price ...only they have it without english language (that is stupid also because it's the same stupid game and should have all supported languages)

THis is stupid and no reason is given for this .
Up to the developers and publishers to set the prices.

Regional prices on Steam generally reflect the prices of games at retail in those countries.
Publishers set pricing for games not Steam. There's your reason.
Put it this way, people in russia earn less in wages than people in america. So if steam charged the same for a game in russia, most russian gamers wouldn't be able to afford to buy steam games.

Reguarding the UK and europe, we paid V.A.T on things we buy and I believe people in america don't, so thats why games are cheaper in the states than in europe.
without vat still doesn't justify...if they earn less still doesn't justify the price....if we take out the vat is 21-24% more expensive.....
and the cost of the game should be everywhere the same no matter the wager.... if they can sell it there for less they can sell it here also ....if not it means we are discriminated
if they can afford to sell it there for less they could also not be so f greedy and sell it here for less too ...their price should be the same...I am curious about their price because on an invoice you see how much vat you pay ....and without that the price is way higher....

in ukraine the vat is 20% so there is no f big difference in price....
also it's like saying you should sell a car for less because they can't afford to buy one.... well if you can afford to sell for less to them you can afford to sell for less to us , period. They don't lose money over there otherwise they wouldn't do it.
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also it's like saying you should sell a car for less because they can't afford to buy one.... well if you can afford to sell for less to them you can afford to sell for less to us , period. They don't lose money over there otherwise they wouldn't do it.

Wrong, a car is a tangible product. A digital video game is pure data, completely intangible. Two completely different things, and thus cannot be compared.
Different countries have different economies. Different gross national products (GNP.) Different wages. Different currencies. Different tax laws.

Different pricing is how different economies function. I am sure any business, that sells to a world-wide market, would expect different profit margins from different countries on account of the earning capacity of the people within that country.

Your economy =/= other countries economy. Your countries laws =/= other countries laws.

You're just thinking about your pocket and have thought nothing as to how economics, business and pricing works. I mean there's a currency exchange rate... if I were to go on holiday my money would be worth more, or less, depending on where I go. That's not discriminatory. As far as I understand it businesses, and people who're interested in the stock market, ensure they know how 'strong' and 'weak' certain currencies are. I do wonder how you don't know all of this...

Also, publishers set the prices. If you think a certain titles price is set to steep for your economic bracket then you are free to contact the publisher and voice your concerns.
Brazilian example: shoud never find new games here , just old ones for 80 US dollars.The games could be chepear for us , but the goverment taxes increases the prices like 70%.Wrong way to think , protect a product that we don't manufact.40Us dollars for Far Cry is a gift.
the stock market as you say it's just useless . Full of people who speculate and add nothing of value to the world. Just leeches . Also if you produce a product (yeah you say laws... but specify them don't just throw around words) . Also there is noone who says : this is why you pay more" not just because of economics....

you fail to understand what I say . If I have a product I am selling it for 15$ then it would be a slight difference but not 50% different in different countries .

Also if I have a game I would sell it 15$ to all , then the taxes and everything else is added but here they do not do that they only do one thing ( europe they will pay in euros, Great Britain they will pay in pounds (stupid again). Also they fail to mention the laws , the price that they are selling it as soon as it get's out of the production, being a digital space things are much simpler . they are only greedy because you can't have 2 coutnries in europe that ar part of Eu and have way bigger prices)

And trust me you can buy them from there and you won't have any problems but they ARE GREEDY B***S .

When you say because there are laws, and all that s*t , it's like saying I am going to charge you more because there is a law and I am going to decide to charge double tommorow because there is a law and you would believe me .

If you are going to come and say such things then you better be prepared with examples and facts not just stories.

For now as everyone is concerned and see , all are greedy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s.

Nobody says we are selling the game at 40$ , all the rest are taxes from your laws....here is the law , here's the vat , ) They only do this: europe (part of it we will sell them with 50 before taxes, GB hell sell them with 50 pounds, they can afford it)
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I'm sorry that 'making money' and 'wanting to make a living' is being greedy.

I see that you're using a computer and have games on your profile. Wow what a greedy person you are. Why aren't you selling all your posessions and working as a volunteer in Africa? You selfish selfish person.

You're in Romania, and even then you are STILL living better than literally 90% of the world's population.

Your rant is "I'm to cheap to afford games and the world should revolve around my needs"

Your corporate greed rant is simply a cover for your own hubris and stupidity.
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Let's leave angry away , we are here to spend good times.If we don't agree whit others then we can show how we are thinking in a nice way.Not talking about thr hard problens that averybody have , just having a chat in a forum games.
Peace , we'll be back at :19:00 Brasília time , don't know what is the Pacific Time.
Forgot , the post don't have a "target", please , i don't want to point to a specific post , don't take this personal.Have a good afternoom , bye
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