Necro 2013年4月25日上午11:55
Pacific War games?
I'm on the lookout for games that are based around WW2 where US soldiers were fighting in Japan. World At War is probably the newest title that does this. MOH: Pacific Assault is another. Any other recommendations?? Thanks
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potato 2013年4月26日下午2:27 
Medal of Honor Rising Sun
Necro 2013年4月28日上午6:49 
thanks guys. Rising Storm looks great. I'll look at the others too.
WhiteKnight77 2013年4月28日上午9:06 
While not an infantry game, Silent Hunter IV lets you sink Japanese shipping and naval ships.
Necro 2013年4月28日上午10:17 
thanks WhiteKnight, i'll check that out too. I just got hold of Battle Station Pacific
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