BigzZ ツ 2013年4月4日下午4:47
Need friends
I'm so lonely!

I just moved over to pc from console about a week ago so my games list on here is short but its growing day by day. I love almost any genre of game but I mostly play shooters, rpg, and racing games. Would really like to meet some new people to talk to so hit me up with a friend request.

As a side note I will be getting dead island riptide when it comes out, if you need someone to slay some zombies with then definitely add me!
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my7Bizzos 2013年4月4日下午5:00 
BigzZ ツ 2013年4月4日下午5:03 
Alright, I sent you a friend request, any suggestions for a good multiplayer shooter on here for a low price?
Nobody 2013年4月8日上午8:17 
we can be friends i'am new too
Dr. Snus 2013年4月9日下午2:21 
I'm pretty new too. I don't know anybody IRL who games on PC. Add me and we'll paint the town brown.
IronVoid 2013年4月10日上午5:45 
If you ctrl-C this text, go to the mush bigger thread and post it there, then remove this thread, i'm sure more will add you.
DS Rusty 2013年4月18日上午10:00 
I play pretty much any genre, feel free to add for some gaming.
plains.knapp 2013年4月18日下午5:24 
Anyone feel free o add me! Ive been a player for 2 years. I have made a group called The Indian Nations of America! Join me!
Need friends that i can bonding playing dota 2
I have a group you could join The Shadosian Empire, or The Stupidity Corp.
ZION 2013年4月30日上午11:52 
we can be friends ^_^, you can buy counter-strike source or global offensive they are both great games made by valve aka steam aswell as classics to the fps genre we can play them together, they are relatively cheap run good on almost any computer and have great gameplay hell we can even play team fortress 2/TF2 its free and it's one of valves best games, heck its one of the best fps games of the entire fps genre.
最后由 ZION 编辑于; 2013年4月30日上午11:55
Majiin_Goku 2013年5月1日下午12:58 
Send me an add :)
toastedbacon 2013年5月2日上午3:41 
If you wanna play cs:s I am up for it :)
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