Looking for friends for certain games(list inside)
Well I got Simcity '13 and now it is almost impossible to get into a region where the other players are still active. I started a few but everyone just stopped coming back.
Looking for many players who can come by and check on the city at least once a day.

I really want to get into DOTA 2 but don't really know all the items/attacks and what not, would be cool to have someone to play with and give me a few tips along the way.

I like a few long matches of CIV 5 or 4, people who aren't gonna get upset and disconnect in the middle of the game, or the end lol

Just got XCOM from Bioshock Infinite pre-order, still in my first few hours, would be nice to find others who got the game not to long ago as well, and play together. Veterans always welcome too.

I have Diablo III and still play(don't stone me) and would like a few friends who would do inferno runs here and there.

If anyone has or still remembers Rise of Nations, I'm all for that!

Other than that, check out my games in my library, to name a few; Awesomenauts, LoL, Tribes, Battlefield 3(Origin), Age of Empires.

Sorry for it being so long hahah
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