What game do you think is the weirdest, odd, and stupid game you've played?
Y'know, the games that you really can't help but make fun of. Some of these include:

Barbie Dreamhouse Party
Squirt's Adventure
Any game by Humongous Entertainment (Pajama Sam is a notable example)

Barbie Dreamhouse Party is just, how do I say this, creepy. That's putting it in light terms. However, females seem to enjoy the game, so I respect their opinion. Squirt's Adventure, well, that game is odd on it's own, but people seem to "like" it for the educational factor. Pajama Sam and others made by Humongous have reviews like "It's like Skyrim with fish -IGN" and others. However, people give it good reviews for the nostalgia from the game.

I have no problems with these games, but I noticed some of my friends were arguing about this, so I'm settling the score for them. What do you think?
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Date Posted: May 9, 2014 @ 6:06pm
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