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Looking for mage-based gameplay with exploration and stronghold components
Not sure if this is the correct forum, so please redirect if not the right place.

I've seen advertisements for various magic-based games recently so I'm looking for a new game with most/all of the following:

-Building up a single magic-user character, with or without companions (start from novice and build up to serious power)
-Interesting spell research and crafting mechanics (for example, explore some new areas to find new spell runes or rare components; combine multiple disciplines of magic in interesting ways)
-Stronghold or city-building component with some resource management. (Create/build stronghold, take over small city and expand it, etc. Basically, want the main character to have an impact on an area and the stronghold to support the mage).
-Exploration would be great bonus. I really liked the feel of opening up the maps in Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
-Not twitch-based combat. Reflexes don't really support aggressive FPS playstyle. Tactical combat with realm-appropriate units is fine.
-Single-player campaign or sandbox with interesting goals. Multi-player doesn't appeal to me right now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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This might not and might be the best place to ask, sorry I can't help you with that. However, if you don't ask, you don't get ;oD

I see you already play Bethesda titles like Fallout, then instantly I would suggest Skyrim or any of the earlier Elder Scrolls games. Skyrim has companions available to you and I think Oblivion before it did too (it's been a long time since I played. Skyri malso has the DLC Hearthfires which allow you to build your own manor in three locations and I think if you marry certain NPC's in the game then they will set up a shop in your house. Again, not sure. I suffer really bad "restartitis" and have never bothered with that part of that DLC. Unfortunately there is now "empire building" in the core game but I do recall there being landmass mods for Morrowind (TES3) that allowed something similar. Oh, and depending on where you live you can shop around and get all The Elder Scrolls Anthology for a reasonable price which includes TES 1 - 5 on disk and will be on the Steam store too. There's a couple of good sites if you wish to mod any of the TES 3 - 5 games like the Nexus and Steam workshop supports Skyrim for convenient modding.

I just picked up Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition today and haven't played it yet. It's another high fantasy type game but I am not sure about modding support at all. Nor am I able to tell you much about the game play right now. I am due to do a rebuild of my system and I plan on installing it once my system is back up and running.

Other than that I cant think of anything else of the top of my head. If I do I will pop back with another suggestion.
I am really not to sure if its a good or not game for these.. i do not think there is Stronghold thing... but how abut Magicka Now i am not saying its good for these.. i did not get to play it too much... but i think it may answer most of what you ask here for
Maybe Fallen Enchantress is something?
It's a bit of a Master of Magic wannabe, so there's certainly enough exploration and magic as well as city building and making an army.. Just no first/third person roaming around...
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Lichdom and Warlock 2 were the games that made me start thinking more strongly about this. Unfortunately, Lichdom is still too early in development for me. I'll be sure to follow it - hope it lives up to the potential shown so far.
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