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PLAY.4.FUN Feb 12, 2014 @ 10:14am
Early Access Games Vs Minecraft

I just wanted to make a post about Early Access Games, because it is starting to annoy me and I wanted to try to make a change for the steam community for the better. First off the thread title says it all EAG Vs Minecraft. We all know that early access gaming started with Minecraft, a game that could fulfill your gaming needs for hours,days,weeks,months,years and basicly forever. With a cost of only $13.55 in North America during Alpha.Then $19.36 for beta, final price $25.81, and now $26.95 today. A game with infinite possibilities at a affordable price.

Now that early access gaming is in the air it could be refreshing or poisonous. Many companys and indie developers jumped in for the right reasons and some came for the quick cash. For some indie developers this was a great opportunity for them to finely make the games of there dreams. Games of epic proportions that wow the mind in ooh's and aww's. Although for some it was just a new way to steal from humanity. How could you ever make faster cash then putting out a half finished product, that mite have already made the money on Kick Starter for the development of the full game. That is also up to the developers discretion to finish the product or not, and they don't have to refund your money if they don't finish it, sounds great. Heres my money take it please, wait what are you saying?

Now that we got that out of the way. Why do they expect us all to pay these extreme prices for taking a chance on a gaming company that just came out of the midst of nowhere. For a product that is half of what Minecraft alpha was and not even close to the world size of Minecraft. I would say a good percent of games out there today where inspired, by Minecraft and many games are Minecraft with a cherry on top. So why do developers even try to price there games at $25 - $60 at alpha phase. My guess, is because they can and they will keep doing so till someone does something about it.

Join the revolution against high early access gaming prices. I say we don't pay more then $20 for a early access game anymore. Steam should make a regulation that all early access games will be $20 or less with know exceptions, otherwise the game can not be promoted on steam.

(On this thread please only post if you agree that steam should regulate the prices on early access, or if you don't think they should and why? This thread was made to help the community any abuse,harassment,,or trolling on this thread only shows you are here to destroy it.)

Thanks for taking your time and reading this important message. Share this thread with all Facebook,Twitter,Reddit and more.

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No one is forcing you to buy anything. More choice is always good when it comes to entertainment. All early access does is make unfinished game much more obvious and apparent. If you want to throw you money at unfinished things, then that's really your problem.
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Black Blade Feb 12, 2014 @ 11:37am 
Well first of all there all minecraft??? what?

Second of all making a game (not all of them but most of the high price once) is not something that just come up in one day it takes a long time
And if they can price it like that you can know someone wants it

And i really do not think you can come and say price it on 20$... your not talking abut paying just to play a beta.. you get the full game after that.. so what just becose you got it early they need to give it cheaper? most of the time pre-order cost more not less
and just as the game allow you to play it on beta do not mean its not a pre-oder of the full game in the end

And abut getting it from kick starter... yes they may have got all they need for making the basic game but most of them also have streash goals.. what means i think they may also apply them after that when its on Steam all ready

And like The Rolling Ham Cheese say you do not have to do it.. if you do not think its worth your cash dont get it...

And how can you know it will be made all the way? well if that new studio want to ever make a new game its worth for them to finish it... as in the end if they made a good game the next one may be worth more as there more trusted then to finish the game

So i do not think calling out to limiting EAG to 20$ is fair... for what i have sayed above
Silicon Vampire Feb 12, 2014 @ 12:06pm 
I don't like the lack of someone else's self-control affecting my choices. Thanks anyway.
Spawn of Totoro Feb 12, 2014 @ 12:15pm

There are many early access threads already available to post in.
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