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video settings
can anyone help me set my video settings Please
my pc AMD FX 6300six Core Processor 64bit
AMD Radeon 6450
8 gb ram and etc...
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Hootsworth 2 lutego 2014 o 18:36 
To be honest, no.

I'll tell you why, game performance is going to vary greatly from game to game. This is simply something that no one is going to be able to give you definitve help on. No one can reach on your computer and configure each game individually for optimal visual quality/performance, not for free at least.

What you'll need to do is set everything to it's Lowest settings and increase settings until performance becomes unplayable. In fact, most games now have an option to automatically adjust based on your hardware.
Azza ☠ 2 lutego 2014 o 21:02 
If you had Nvidia GTX graphics card - I could easily tell you to install Geforce Experience, which can automatically optimise your latest games for best performance and quality depending on your current hardware, with a single click.

However, you are using crappy AMD - see the post above and manually work it out...
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UnReal-4-Life 2 lutego 2014 o 22:53 
Well I will give you real advise I have avarage hardware and can keep up with the best of them. you hardware looks fine. Everyone always say Video CPU or even Ram. More Better then you stuff. Two Things improve every thing.But not for a novice or someone who has never built a computer.

Cant improve or know anything untill you tear down the wall.You have to remove all spin drives and use only SSD (solid state drives) your hard drives that spin must not be used but removed. You can use them but only in external devises like usb/firewire ext. for backup videos and pictures. Most important thing in this new generation of PCs is SSD tech. Because of this new type of hardrive you can now see what your PC can really do. Switching from spin drives (non-ssd) to solid drives "SSD" and no spin drives connected to you motherboard vat all. YOU will see improvement of your PC by a min of 30% and as much as 50%.

Here what you need.
Starting with any recent PC that has been factory made in the past 3 years is fine.

Then what ever it takes to remove and replace the harddrives with two SSD drive.
1) 100-120Gb SSD sata III for windows 7/8 (do not use it for programs that take up more then a tiny amount of space you want to always have 20-40% unused for temp/virtual memory and cashe that windows needs.
2) 240-512GB for All your Programs Games and software.

No matter what you have this is a real improvement. No matter what anybody thinks or says unless you have it this way (100% no spinners) they dont know what they are missing.

This my Friends is the most important thing in the next generation of PCs

(My not so best PC can keep up with or beat any spinner PC that out. No matter what is in it.)
thx :)
BooM I am Dead 4 lutego 2014 o 16:43 
thanks alot Unreal for life
PEZ 4 lutego 2014 o 18:28 
A fast gaming gpu will always impact performance far more than an ssd drive ever would. A combination of both is a good idea, but just throwing an ssd drive into your pc is not going to make any difference if you have a weak gpu. The game will just load faster and remind you more quickly how slow your gpu is.

Op, that 6450 is more for HTPC and not high-end gaming. An upgrade to an R9 270x:

or a GTX 760:

would serve you better than just an upgrade to an ssd drive. Of course dependent on your budget and your power supply unit.

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