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EspiOne Jul 31, 2014 @ 5:42pm
Game Sharing with family member.
I recently rebuild my PC and looking to give my old PC to a family member. I have alot my games installed on this PC from this account and from my older account, 119 total.

I understand that steam allows you to share games with another steam user, he does not have a steam account. I will ask him to create one.

Some questions:

1. I will mostly only 'rename' my windows account (win7) and allow him my game saves. When he signed in to his Steam account and plays, will any of the game saves affect my steam cloud saves or will they automatically snyc with his account.

2. Since I will be allowing access on two separate accounts, can he access both account games??

3. Does the distance from my location come into affect? , (basically I will ship the PC)

4. Also, if I make future purchases, do I need to sign into the PC for them to be install or can he install them himself??

Thanks alot in advance, any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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